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Using Cat Wall Shelves In Your Home

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Cats on Cat ShelvesCats enjoy climbing and exploring their environments, and cat wall shelves offer your feline friends a fun way to exercise and satisfy their need to climb. Shelves for your feline companions also direct your pets’ attention away from your carpets and furnishings. Tree-dwelling cats with their love of heights will enjoy cat shelves and the opportunities they provide for jumping and lounging from lofty summits.

Wall shelves also allow skittish pets to travel around the room out of reach and in calm security when strangers visit. Cat owners who live in small apartments, condos or other homes with limited space will appreciate wall shelves since they provide a feline play and exercise area that occupies minimal floor space.

Wall ShelfBrandPriceRating (1-5 Stars)
Urban Pet Haus$$$4.6
Refined Feline$$$4.4
Harmony Loft$3.4

Shelves For Your Cat’s Cat Type

Cat Shelves make a welcome addition to both homes with cat trees and homes without them. In homes with cat trees, wall shelves help create an above-the-floor cat highway. Your cats can travel around the room on them and engage in a variety of activities that prevent boredom from arising as well as increase their exercise and play time. Cats can leap from floor to ceiling and from wall to wall in homes with both trees and cat shelves. In multiple cat households, having both types of cat furniture can also help your pets establish their own individual territories in a room. One cat may prefer and dominate the cat tree while another dominates the wall shelves.

Cat trees often feature hiding spaces in the form of holes while cat shelves keep cats out in the open without anywhere to hide. Low hanging shelves will provide exercise and climbing, along with a tree with one or more holes for hiding themselves in, will meet the needs of cave dwelling cats who like to hide. Arranging your shelves at mid-height along with a tree of medium height will please bush dwelling cats while high shelves and soaring cat towers will please tree dwelling kitties.

If space is limited and you prefer to hang these shelves without adding a cat tree to your home, bush and tree dwelling cats will be happy as long as you hang your shelves to meet your cats’ height requirements. The higher you hang your shelves, for example, the happier your tree dwellers will be while your bush dwellers will prefer lower and mid-range heights. Cave dwelling cats might enjoy low to mid-height shelves as long as you have a piece of furniture or other hiding place nearby for them to dart behind or crawl under between explorations of their shelves.

Refined Feline Cat Clouds Cat Shelves

The Refined Feline Cat Clouds Cat Shelves won the 2010 Pet Age Pinnacle award, an award bestowed by the readers of Pet Age Magazine. These strong metallic shelves made of powder-coated steel come in multiple colors including black, blue, off-white, red, titanium and white. They also offer right-facing and left-facing options. Their cozy, fabric-wrapped pads consist of foam-covered faux sheepskin, and they feature magnetic bottoms for easy removal for cleaning or replacement when they wear out. You can install these shelves in either dry wall or beam, and they can hold up to 70 pounds, making them suitable for cats of all sizes including plus size pusses. The shelves themselves weigh 15 pounds, and they are nine inches high, ten inches deep and 38 inches wide.

Harmony Loft Cat Shelf Set

The Harmony Loft Cat Shelf Set features a sleek contemporary design that will complement any décor and comes in both espresso and white. The hidden brackets for these shelves add to their aesthetic appeal since you can’t see the hardware holding them up on your wall. They can hold up to 40 pounds, and they come in a pack of two shelves. You can install multiple sets to your walls to create more high-level jumping and resting space for your pets. These unpadded shelves weigh 11 pounds, and they are 14.5” long, 2.5 inches deep and 24.3 inches wide.

Sophia Wall Mounted Cat Tree

The Sophia Wall Mounted Cat Tree comes in a set of two shelves that you can mount on your walls in multiple configurations. Each of the perches in this set feature carpeting so your kitty can rest on them in comfort, and one shelf has a hole for cats to travel through as they move from shelf to shelf. These cat shelves support up to 25 pounds, so plus size felines or multiple cat households may prefer stronger shelves. They come in either white or black and feature a glossy lead-free paint. One unique element of this set of shelves is the closed-box shelf on which you can store books, houseplants or knick-knacks. This feature makes the product functional for cat owners as well as for their pets. The Sophia Cat Shelf weighs 22 pounds. The cat entrance hole measures seven and a half inches in width and eight inches in height, making it big enough to allow large felines to venture through it. It is also 13 inches high, 32 inches long and ten inches wide.


Cally on her cat shelfCat wall shelves come with the hardware needed to mount them on your walls and require just a few additional tools like a hammer and Phillips head screwdriver. You might wish to use heavy duty anchors to install the shelves, however, if you have a large cat for them to support. Installation is quick and easy for these products, and the shelves reviewed above can be mounted in a variety of ways to blend into your décor and to fit your aesthetic tastes as well as your space requirements.

All cats need exercise and a place to call their own. These shelves provide your felines with attractive climbing space and helps keep them physically fit as well as mentally stimulated. You can place cat toys or treats on the shelves to attract your kitties to them and can mount them by your windows to allow your cats to glimpse the outside world from the safety of their indoor perches.

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