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Premium Carpeted Cat Tree For Large Cats

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We’ve been looking for a premium carpeted cat tree to review for you and well, we’ve found it. This tree is made in the USA and comes with a real plush carpet covering. Most of the well known companies today are making trees using a type of faux carpeting or faux fur. While this fabric is great for cats and they do like it, cats love plush carpeting that much more and it will last longer for them to enjoy.

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Cat Tree Carpet ColorsOne of the nicest features of this tree is that it’s hand made in the USA and covered with real plush carpeting, not that fake stuff. You can also choose the different colors of carpet you would like such as Beige (pictured above), blue, brown, gray, and green. This is great because you can choose a color that matches your home decor.

The second best feature of this tree in particular is the fact that it’s made for large cats and is great for small cats as well. Today, the biggest complaint on most trees is that they’re too small and larger cats don’t fit comfortably on them or in the hideaways. As you’ll see the dimensions of this tree are geared towards larger cats and will make sure your cat, no matter their size, will be comfortable.

Dimensions and Cat Types

Because this is a cat tree for large cats the overall dimensions are 27 inches wide by 20 inches long and 71 inches high. The base measures 20 inches long by 20 inches wide. At 71 inches tall it’s recommend to place it in a corner or against a wall to add to its stability for those times where your cats are playing on the higher towers.

The First perch is under the condo and first landing and is 17 inches long by 11 inches wide. The second perch you’ll find is above the condo/hideaway and it has the same measurements of the first perch. These two perches are great for your bush dwelling cats to hang out and stalk from.

Another one of the great features is the cat condo on the first full landing. The condo measures 15 inches round and 11 inches high for the inside of the condo. This condo is again great for those bush dwellers that like a lot of coverage at a medium height or the tree dwellers tree prefer coverage and a medium height.

You’ll also find that the top of the cat condo can be used as a spot for your cat to relax and doubles as a step up to the next perch. If your cat is in the mood to hang out in an open area with a little coverage from the surrounding tiers this will be the spot they can do that.

After the condo you have the second perch, whose dimensions were covered previously, and the top condo. This condo measures 15 inches round on the inside and 16 inches long. For your tree dwelling cat this an amazing spot for them to spend their time because it has coverage and offers them a window and two side openings to peer out of and view their surroundings.

On the very top level you’ll find a cradle that is resting on top of the upper cat condo. This cradle measures the same as the condo below it only it’s cut in half. So It’s 15 inches round inside and does not have a roof covering it and is 16 inches long. Again this is great for your tree dwellers because they get a full view of their surroundings with a tree like place to rest high off the ground.

Premium Carpeted Cat TreeClick Here to See Pricing, Ratings, and Reviews on Amazon.com

Features, Benefits, and Materials

One of the main features and benefits of this tree is the real plush carpeting that covers it. It’s hard to find actual carpeting like you may have in your home on most trees nowadays and it’s this type of carpeting that cats love.

While yes, the plush carpeting is great, the foundation on which it stands is another great feature. Since this is a tree for large cats it’s built with plywood (real plywood) not the cheap stuff manufacturers like to call plywood. That means this tree will remain solid and strong even for your larger cat that may not feel comfortable on a flimsy tree.

A huge benefit of having a plywood undercarriage is the weight that comes along with it. You’ll feel comfortable knowing that the tree’s base is weighed down and can stand on its own even with cats jumping all over it. Also solid cat trees get used more because your cat will feel safe on it and won’t be scared of it like they would of a tree that might fall over. Not to mention the satisfaction of having bought something safe and solid that will last and get used regularly.

Another great feature of this tree are the 2 sisal scratching posts and 4 carpeted scratching posts that are built into it. It’s a well known fact that cats love to scratch and the sisal scratching posts ensure your cat’s claws stay healthy and strong. Not only do cats love scratching sisal but they also love the feel of carpeted scratching posts under their claws.

One of the benefits of these scratching posts is that they will keep your cat scratching on them instead of scratching things like your furniture and belongings that you don’t want scratched up. The different materials of the scratching posts also give your cat options when it comes to what they feel like scratching at that moment.

The benefit of plush carpeting is that it’s easy to clean if it gets soiled or dirty with cat safe cleaners. You can also vacuum it just like you would carpet on your floor if it gets a lot of cat hair, dirt, or cat litter built up on it.

In conclusion, this tree is great all around and has so many features and benefits packed into one that you are definitely getting your money’s worth here. While it’s expensive it’ll be the last tree for your cat you’ll need to buy because it’s made to last and worth every penny. This tree is Ideal for large cats, small cats, heavy cats, light cats, and every size of cat. It’s also ideal for Tree Dwelling Cat and Bush Dwelling Cats. You can learn more about the various cat types and their ideal trees on our homepage.

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