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Petco Premium Tree Highrise Review

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Petco has been one of the leaders in the cat tree industry for some time now. Whether it’s in stores or online they have been providing these trees to cat owners nationwide. The Petco Premium Tree Highrise is another one of their self-produced trees that people absolutely love. It has all of the features every cat needs to feel engaged and to keep them excited and interested in their environment. You can see the Premium Tree Highrise below.

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Premium Tree Highrise Cat Types and Dimensions

When it comes to cat trees one of the most important things to look for are the dimensions because, how big it is and how it’s designed will determine the cat type the tree is best for. When we say cat types were referring to the Tree Dwelling Cat, The Bush Dwelling Cat, The Cave Dwelling Cat, and The Every Type Cat.

Each type of cat prefers something different in a tree specifically for them and by getting one that suits them best you can ensure that they will actually use it and enjoy it. Luckily, this tree suits every type of cat because it has features built into it that they all like and prefer.

Overall Dimensions

The overall dimensions of the Petco Premium Tree Highrise are 26.7 inches long by 30.7 inches wide and 65.5 inches tall. When choosing the best tree for your cat, it’s always wise to make sure you have the room in your home for it, that way you can fit it comfortably in the spot you have picked out.

First Step/Bed Dimensions

First, you’ll notice the lowest piece of the tree is the step or bed that’s about 10 inches high. This step which is roughly 12-15 inches square leads up to the first full landing and cat condo. It can also double as a bed for the bush dwellers who like a low to the ground place to hang out.

First Landing and Condo Dimensions

For the height of the first full landing it measures approximately 18-22 inches from the ground and has the first cat condo located on it. The cat condo’s size on this level is approximately 12 inches wide by 12 inches long and roughly 10 inches high.

Second Landing and Condo Dimensions

The height of the second landing is approximately 38-42 inches from the ground. It’s roughly 18 inches above the first landing and can be easily accessed from that level by jumping directly to it or by using the cat condo’s roof as a step up. For the cat condo on this level its size is approximately 12 inches wide by 10 inches long and 10 inches high.

Two Cat Tower Dimensions

When it comes to the two cat towers the lower tower which is the first from the top landing measures roughly 58-60 inches from the ground. The towers themselves are about 12-15 inches square with a 1-2 inch rim running around the outside.

 Premium Tree HighriseClick Here to See Pricing, Ratings, and Reviews on Amazon.com

Features and Materials

Some of the best things about this tree are in the various heights and landings, condos and towers. We feel that these are the best things because they can accommodate any cat or even multiple cats at one time. Each cat likes different things in their environment and when you can get something that covers them all, you guarantee they will be happy.

For your tree dwellers there are two high towers that they can hang out on and get a great view of their surroundings. Your bush dwellers can hang out in the cat condos or lounge on the middle landings and the cave dwellers have various low lying places they can spend their time. You can even put the Premium Tree Highrise near a window that way your cats can look outside and get the stimulation they need from the critters outdoors.

Materials and Scratching Posts

This Petco tree highrise is covered in faux wool. Faux wool is similar to faux fur which is fake fur but it’s made to resemble sheep wool and is very comfortable for cats to lie on. Cats also love to scratch this material just like they scratch carpeting and it’s a very durable and sturdy material.

If your cats prefer something more solid to scratch, you’ll find 7 full cat scratching posts on the tree and two smaller scratches used as spacers between levels. These scratching posts are covered in sisal rope which is a material used is most scratchers made today and one that cats love to scratch.

Each post is designed to allow your cats to stretch on it and sink their claws into it instead of them going to your furniture and tearing it up. The sisal rope also helps keep your cat’s nails in good health and lets them release their energy on something constructive instead of something destructive like your belongings.

There is another scratcher built into the ramp leading up to the first landing and it’s another place for your cat to scratch and stretch out on. This ramp is replaceable so when it gets too scratched up you can purchase a replacement for it.

Along with the scratching posts and faux wool you’ll find two cat toys that come with the tree so your cat will have something to play with while they hang out in their new cat tree. Each toy is made of feathers and cats love to play this kind of toy. We will offer a word of warning however regarding the toys, they are attached using elastic string and this elastic string can be hazardous to your cats health so be careful.

In Conclusion

Overall the Petco Premium Tree Highrise is a great tree for any type of cat. It’s great for larger cats and smaller cats to hang out on and spend their time. It’s a well built sturdy piece of cat furniture that your cats can be rough with or just relax on and it will hold up for them to enjoy for a long time to come. With all of the places to relax or climb up and play on your cats will be happy to have a place of their own.

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