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Petco Premium Tree Bungalow Review

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The Petco Premium Tree Bungalow offers your feline companions numerous levels on which to climb, nap, scratch, stretch or play. Multiple cat households will appreciate the many places this spacious cat tree offers for kitties to explore as well as the numerous activities it provides for pets. Your cats can hide in the condo, view the world from the top perch, climb from level to level, bat at the attached dangling feather toys and rest or groom themselves on one of the bottom level perches. The neutral off-white color of this tree will match any décor, and its sisal rope posts will satisfy feline scratching needs and help keep your cats off your furniture.

Petco, a national brand known for its commitment to pet health and happiness, manufactures this product. The company is also known for its attention to animals’ emotional as well as physical well-being and for its high level of customer service and its easy return policy. You can return products purchased online from Petco to a Petco store in your community or ship them back to Petco.com. If you’ve purchased them from Amazon.com they also have great customer service and return policies.

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Materials and Features

This tree bungalow features four different platforms for your kitties to climb and play on; including one on the third tier of the tree that features a cat bungalow or condo. The condo contains two openings for cats to venture into when they want to rest or nap with a little privacy. A soft and warm faux wool fabric covers each platform and the condo. Underneath this fabric, the material is made out of strong particle board and thick cardboard. This piece of cat furniture also contains four durable sisal rope posts that provide your pets with plenty of places to claw and scratch. In addition, the tree has a dangling feather toy on each of the two lower tiers. Your cats can chew, poke and bat at these toys for increased exercise and enjoyment. The platforms also contain two extra hooks on which you can attach your cat’s favorite toys for added feline pleasure.

Note that the bungalow may require some assembly when it arrives from Amazon.com. You will have to connect the sisal scratching posts to the tree and the platforms. Included in the package you’ll find an Allen wrench for connecting its sections with screws, but you may wish to use a screwdriver instead. Construction only takes about 30 minutes, however, and the directions included with the product are clear and easy to follow.

Bungalow Dimensions

This cat tree measures 19.7″ in length by 28″ in width and 55″ in height, and the cat condo opening measures 7.5″ in width by 8.7″ in height. The first platform reaches a height about 14” above the floor, the second platform reaches about 25” off the floor, the third shelf containing the bungalow or condo reaches about 33” off the floor and the top platform rests about 48” off the floor. The tree’s base measures 24” by 19”.

The overall weight of the bungalow is 51 lbs. when shipped. While it offers stable construction once you assemble it, owners of large cats may want to fasten it to a wall or place it up against a corner or a wall for additional stability. The tree includes an extra screw to use in anchoring it to the wall if you so desire.

One potential concern with the tree is that it may be a better purchase for cats less than 15 lbs. in weight than for plus size cats. While it can hold the weight of larger felines, the platforms are not wide enough or long enough for some bigger cats to stretch out comfortably on them and a plus size cat may not fit with ease inside the bungalow on the third tier of this cat tree.

Petco Premium Tree Bungalow for CatsClick Here to See Pricing, Ratings, and Reviews on Amazon.com

Cat Types

This cat tree and bungalow will appeal to all cat types because of the variety of its platform heights. Cave dwellers like privacy and low spaces. They will enjoy exploring the lower tiers of the tree and will appreciate the bungalow and the hiding place it offers. You can place this tree next to large plants or other furniture to provide your cave dwelling kitty with additional privacy and hiding places. Bush dwellers will enjoy climbing and lounging on the lower and middle platforms of this tree as they will satisfy this cat type’s climbing needs. Bush dwelling cats will also like the hiding space that the bungalow offers. Tree dwellers will like the jumping and climbing opportunities this multi-tiered cat tower provides. They will also enjoy claiming the top platform as their special spot from which to survey the world. This is the ideal place for the every type of cat also since these felines enjoy diversity in their environments and enjoy both open and covered rest and play areas.

The large size of this tree make it a good choice for multiple cat homes due to the multiple heights it offers cats to climb and perch on plus the range of exercise and entertainment activities it provides. Cats won’t get bored with this tree and its bungalow, high and low perches, scratching posts and dangling toys. Also, in multi-cat homes, there’s plenty of room on the tree for each kitty to stake its own territory and claim its own favorite perch. In addition, this bungalow is big enough to hold more than one cat at once so it provides your furry companions with a communal gathering spot.

To Conclude Our Review

The Petco Premium Tree Bungalow for cats offers numerous benefits including the aesthetic appeal of its contemporary design and its sturdy base and four levels on which your cats and kittens can jump, climb, play and sleep. Its graduated levels and steps make it easy for older or arthritic cats as well as kittens to navigate. If you’re looking for an affordable and versatile cat tree that requires minimal space in your home, you can’t go wrong with this one.

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