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Petco Tree Terrace Review

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Petco is a company that creates high quality pet products for all types of pets. They do not stop at their cat trees by any means. The Petco Premium Tree Terrace is an example of their quality craftsmanship and cats love it. Our tree pictured on our home page was purchased at Petco also and we can attest to the quality of their trees.

You can view our tree here but for now we will continue with our review of the Tree Terrace by Petco. We have included a picture of the Tree Terrace below.

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Dimensions, Cat Type, and Recommendations

Overall the Tree Terrace measures 28.7 inches long by 35.8 inches wide and 58.6 inches high. This is a medium height tree and is great for apartments, houses (large or small), and condos. While this tree for your cat is not overly large it’s still very effective and your cats will love it.

If you live in a smaller home or apartment the Petco Tree Terrace is great for your tree dwellers because of the two higher towers and it will fit well in a smaller home. This way you can keep your tree dwellers happy without sacrificing all of the space in your home.

You will find that this is a bush dwellers paradise because it’s mostly centered around the hideaway and medium height tiers. Bush dwellers prefer a tree that’s similar to this one’s size because of its medium height and different areas they can hide, stalk, and rest in or on. Not only are there bush sized hideaways and levels but they can also find some coverage on top of the hideaway in between it and the higher level.

The hideaway cube measures 13.5 inches wide by 13.5 inches long and 11 inches high. For larger cats it will be a snug fit but they can still enjoy the cube for relaxing and cat napping. As for the measurements of the opening of the hideaway, it measures 7.5 inches wide and about 8.5 inches high.

Larger cats will have to squeeze to get in but smaller cats and kittens will be able to fit in the hideaway easily and they will have some room to chill out in their cat cave. The hideaway also has two openings on it so if your larger cat likes to hang out in the hideaway they can lay with portions of their body hanging over the edges of the openings as cats sometime do.

Moving on to the two towers on this cat tree they are also great for your tree dwelling cats. They are large enough to support most cats and they measure about 13 inches wide by 14 inches long with about 1 inch deep boarders. These towers also give your tree dwellers the height they love with different options for viewing their surroundings.

Click Here for Pricing, Ratings, and Reviews on Amazon.com

Materials, Features, and Benefits

The Petco Tree Terrace is covered with a type of faux wool that is used typically inside coats and jackets. Faux wool is similar to real wool only it’s typically made with polyester or another synthetic material. Most of the material covering the outside of the tree is an off white color with the exception of the sisal scratching materials on posts and the ramp.

Moving into the scratching post materials, all of the scratching posts are made with sisal rope and are created to be as close to single cat scratching posts as possible for your cat to enjoy. Not only are you getting a great tree for your cats with this tree terrace but you are also getting 7 full size scratching posts and one half scratching post to support the upper landing.

Also included with the cat tree terrace is a ramp to help your cat or cats up to the first landing. The ramp itself is attached to one of the landings with Velcro strips to allow it to be removed and cleaned if needed. Also, the ramp itself has a large portion of it made out of sisal to allow your cats a place to scratch in a different area than the scratching posts.

In each cat tower there are cat beds that give your cats a cushy place to relax. You will also find a cat bed inside the cat condo that will allow your cat to sleep comfortably inside. Each of these cushions is removable and is able to be washed either by hand or by machine. The cushions should be air dried this way they don’t get damaged or shrink.

Another great feature and benefit that comes with the tree terrace are the toys. There is a piece of sisal rope hanging from the lower portion of the bottom level for your cats to bat around and play with. On the top tower there is also a feather toy hanging for their enjoyment. A spring toy is also included and is attached to the higher landing for your cats to play with there.

Overall this is one of the best trees for cats all around and it’s great for multiple cats or just one to enjoy. The tree terrace is made with your cats happiness, health, and well-being in mind and it does the job of keeping all of their needs met.

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