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Molly and Friends Simple Sleeper Review

Headquartered in Gainesville, Florida, Molly and Friends makes top of the line handmade cat furniture, including the Simple Sleeper premium handmade two-tier cat tree. The company uses the highest quality materials, and their designs are created with the needs of both cats and cat owners in mind. They also deliver their products already assembled. As a result, you don’t have to do anything but take your kitty’s brand new hangout out of the box and set it on the floor to get it ready for your cats to use and enjoy.

In this review you’ll find that this tree is just one of the many attractive and practical cat trees this company produces, and it’s built to hold both large and small felines. It stands just over three feet tall, and offers fun and exercise for bush dwelling cats. Its two beds make it a great addition to both single and multiple cat households.

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Molly and Friends Simple Sleeper Dimensions

The Simple Sleeper’s 37-inch height makes it three feet and one inch tall, a good height for bush dwelling cats who like to remain close to the ground and enjoy easy leaps during their playtime. This cat tree’s 19 inch by 21 inch base provides a sturdy foundation for your pet’s climbing and lounging.

One great feature of this tree is its portability. Thanks to its smaller size, you can carry it from room to room with ease. It’s also the perfect size for placement underneath a window to allow your curious kitties to peep outdoors and play from the comfort and security of their carpeted perches. In addition, this tree requires minimal space which makes it perfect for apartment or condo dwellings or for small rooms.

Compatible Cat Types

The Simple Sleeper will appeal most to bush dwelling cats because it provides the medium level height this type of feline prefers. Bush dwellers can jump to the ground with ease from this tree, and its carpeted beds provide the covering bush dwellers crave.

Cave dwelling cats might venture onto the lower platform or use the scratching post, but this tree lacks hiding places for these shy kitties. Tree dwelling cats prefer loftier heights to climb, but might find this piece of furniture a comfortable place to lounge in when they’re not scaling a taller tree.

Premium Handmade Materials and Features

One thing that sets this company apart from their competitors is the fact that they make their cat furnishings by hand. Their attention to detail and to premium materials and construction ensures that you are getting a durable product your cat will enjoy for years to come.

This tree features thick, high quality beige carpeting on its platforms and one of its support poles. The carpeting even covers the underside of the platforms so your cat always encounters softness and comfort, and its neutral color blends well into any decor. Organic sisal rope covers the tree’s longest support pole, providing kitties with a 30” post for both stretching against and scratching. The scratching post will help keep your cat’s sharp claws away from your furniture.

Molly and Friends use real pine wood poles plus heavy duty bolts and screw to craft their cat home furnishings. The result is a well-constructed, sturdy and long-lasting piece of furniture that your cats can jump and play in without fear of it tipping or wobbling.


The Simple Sleeper cat tree provides your cats with two different platforms set at varying heights so they can remain close to the ground or climb a bit higher whenever the mood strikes them. Since both beds are exposed, your cat feels free to move around and play rather than restricted or confined. Your kitty will also have an unrestricted viewpoint from which to survey the entire room which helps them feel more like they are in a natural habitat in the wild and like kings and queens of their domain. The wide size of the perches also ensures that any size cat can rest in them with comfort.

To Conclude Our Review

Molly and Friends make durable products from top of the line materials. Consumer reviews on Amazon.com rate the Simple Sleeper highly and praise the thickness and feel of its carpet as well as the way this tree lasts over the years. The fact that the tree comes already assembled also earns it high ratings and makes this tree a good option for anyone who prefers not to have to invest time and energy in constructing their purchases after getting them home. The Simple Sleeper provides cats that prefer minimal height a secure environment for play, scratching and lounging, and it provides owners who like convenience with a ready-made and high caliber piece of cat furniture. Overall, people indicate a high degree of satisfaction with this cat tree. It’s an excellent choice for any cat owner desiring a high quality two-tier place for their cat to rest and play from a reputable manufacturer.

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