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Molly And Friends Pinnacle Review

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Molly and Friends are a company based out of Gainesville, Florida and they make some of the best cat furniture, including the pinnacle cat climbing tower. One of the greatest things about this company is that their mission is to create the highest quality cat furniture on the market today. Molly and Friends take cats into their mindset while they build and always put cat’s needs first. From the day they started and today they’re always looking to improve their product for cats and to make sure the owner’s needs are met as well.

The Molly and Friends Pinnacle cat tree is just one of many great cat trees you’ll find made by this company that can hold large and small cats. It stands over 7 feet tall and is a great tree for every cat type. It’s equipped with places for each cat type find their niche and you can almost guarantee they’ll be comfortable. Well get more into the features and design below and you can see a picture of the Pinnacle below.

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Molly and Friends Pinnacle Dimensions

Like we mentioned before the Pinnacle stands over 7 feet tall which is great for your tree dwellers that can’t get enough of those high places to play and relax. Its actual size is 90 inches tall which is 7 feet and 6 inches tall and it has a base that is 24 inches long by 24 inches wide.

Now you might be wondering, how could a cat tower this tall stay firmly planted in its place with cats climbing and jumping all over it? Well, the base itself is weighted and holds the whole structure in place, ensuring that your cats (large or small) will not be able to knock it over even when they are rough housing.

Another great thing about the tree itself is that because it’s made tall you can place it in a corner or somewhere out of the way. That way your cats still get a whole bunch of square footage to play on without taking up much room, length and width wise, in your home.

Compatible Cat Types

The Pinnacle is compatible with EVERY cat type. We will get into more detail below, but overall it has features that cater to every cat type. From the highest landing to the cat condo at the base, this cat tree gives every cat their choice of where they would like to hang out, all the while keeping them comfortable with the environment they prefer.

The Tree Dweller

The tree dwelling cat will definitely love this massive tower because it gives them everything they want in their environment. Like their name, the tree dweller prefers high places to relax and play and at 7 and 1/2 feet tall the Pinnacle delivers that and more. You’ll also find multiple higher levels below the top cat condo for them to relax or climb on making them feel right at home.

The Bush Dweller

The bush dwelling cat’s ideal environments are medium level places with some coverage that they can easily reach the ground from. For the bush dweller this cat tower has landings that are in the mid level range and, if they can fit, a place in between the lower cat condo for them to squeeze into. Each medium level landing and the support beams running up the length of the tower provide your kitty with the coverage they want and the heights for them to feel comfortable at.

The Cave Dweller

One of the things we love about this cat tree is that they did not leave out the cave dwelling cats of the world. We love this because a lot of the time most trees are made to be very tall and they pack everything into the middle and top and leave nothing on the bottom. This tree is made with a cat condo at the base of the tower and it’s a great place for you cave dweller to hide out, relax, and feel comfortable without having to climb the whole tree to get to the condo on the top.

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Premium Handmade Materials and Features

Another one of the many great things about the Pinnacle is that it is completely hand made by Molly and Friends. Their company started out building custom cat trees by hand and they haven’t let go of that part of their business which sets them one step above the competition. The fact that they make their products by hand and specifically design them to your cat’s wants and needs gives them the edge because you know you’re getting a product your cat will use and love.

Real Plush Carpet and Other Materials

One of the main things we always look for in our reviews is if the tree is made with real plush carpeting or a faux fur type of material. If you have done your research and read a lot of reviews you’ll notice a lot of the reviewers state their dissatisfaction with the faux fur simply because it doesn’t last as long as real plush carpeting does.

This design is completely covered with 100% real plush carpeting and in the areas where it’s not it’s because it has a large sisal rope scratching post on one of the poles. Faux fur is not a bad material by any means and it’s much cheaper than plush carpeting but unfortunately it just doesn’t last as long and isn’t as enjoyable for your cats to scratch on.

Also real sisal rope is used to create the scratching post that runs up the support pole. This scratching post is about 2 and 1/2 feet tall which gives your cats something great to dig into and scratch up instead of your furniture. Another great thing about the size of the scratching post is that the sisal rope runs up high enough to where your cat can completely stretch out their whole body and still keep their claws firmly planted in the sisal rope.

Underneath all of the carpeting and sisal rope you’ll find high quality pine wooden poles and strong screws and bolts to keep it together and remain hidden.. They also use a type of board that is more like wood for their cat condos and not a cheap particle board that will break. This tower is designed and made with the best materials available so it will last and so your cat can enjoy it for many years to come.

Molly and Friends PinnacleClick Here to See Pricing, Ratings, and Reviews on Amazon.com

Perches and Cat Condos

The Pinnacle cat tower comes with 5 different landings and they are all set at different heights so your cat can climb them to the top condo or they can hang out at the height they prefer. With each level set at a different height, you can place the tower near a window and guarantee your kitty a view of the outside world no matter what height your windows are.

You’ll find a cat condo at the base of the tower for your cave dweller to enjoy and one at the very top of the tree for your tree dweller to stay inside of or to rest on top of it. The condos themselves are large enough to fit large cats comfortably so you don’t have to worry about them being cramped up inside or not using it because it’s too small. The condos measure about 15 inches in diameter inside and about 10 inches high.

To Conclude Our Review…

We can definitely say that Molly and Friends make a great product that is almost guaranteed to last and worth every penny. On Amazon.com their cat trees get some of the highest ratings by people who own them and whose cats use them daily. Overall the Pinnacle gives every cat what they need in their environment to stimulate them and keep them happy and engaged in their homes.

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