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Find The Best Kitty Litter Box

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Kitty litter boxEvery cat needs a litter box. The only question is which is the best one for you and your cat?

There are many different types of litter boxes to choose from and the one you decide on for your cat should be easy to use and clean for you both. You may have a hard time finding the best kitty litter box but with the three simple categories we describe here you will have no trouble at all deciding on the correct one.

Each litter box is different in one way or another but they all fit into these categories: The Standard Litter Box, The Assisted Cleaning Litter Box, and The Automatic Litter Box. With each of these you will be able to choose the one your cat will want to use and the one that is easiest for you to clean.

Every cat needs one and for the most part they will know this is where they are meant to use the bathroom. In each category we will describe what makes each box the best for your kitty and what makes it the right litter box for you as their owner!

The Standard Kitty Litter Box

One of the best features of the standard cat litter box is its simplicity. This litter box is all around easy to clean and easy for your cat to use. Typically there are no mistakes made by your cat around the house with this type of box and that’s because they know what it is for.

You can find this type of litter box with or without a cover or lid and they are exactly like its title, the standard litter box that everyone thinks of. The Standard box is able to be cleaned easily whether you decide to put a cover on it or not.

This type of box is also great because it makes everything simple for your cat, they can do their business and be done. There are no obstacles for you cat to overcome so they can enter and exit it simply because its sides are not too high and with a lid or cover the entrance is easily determined by your cat.

Overall the standard litter box is a great choice if you want something simple for them, are on a budget, or if your cat is not a fan of the more advanced automated litter boxes.

The only drawback to this type of design is the manual scooping and cleaning of soiled litter. Examples of the Standard Litter box can be found below.

Standard Kitty litter boxSelect a picture to view pricing and reviews!

The Self/Assisted Cleaning Litter Box

A newer model of cat litter box is the self cleaning or, what we call, an assisted cleaning litter box. The reason we do not use the term “self cleaning” is because this type and design is not totally self cleaning. There is some cleaning necessary but, this box will do most of the work for you.

Typically, the assisted cleaning litter box is equipped with a grate, grill, or bag system that makes cleaning the soiled litter much easier. The soiled litter is removed or separated with the grate, grill, or bag and it can then be disposed of without you ever having to manually scoop the litter out yourself.

Assisted cleaning litter boxes come in many different shapes and variations. As we have mentioned the most common types of this box you will find have a grill or bag litter removal system.

The main differences between these litter removal systems are how they remove the litter. With a grill or grate litter system the soiled kitty litter is ran over or removed with a grill or grate which separates the good litter from the bad and allows you to remove it easily.

This grill or grate typically only needs to be deep cleaned every month or two so it makes the whole process much easier on you and will leave your cat with fresh, clean litter.

The assisted cleaning boxes with a bag system are a little less thorough but the are still just as effective and will make cleaning the litter box much easier vs. scooping the litter out manually. Bag litter removal systems utilize bags that allow clean, unsoiled litter to escape through holes in the bag while keep the soiled litter inside the bag.

This bag can then be discarded and your cat can enjoy a clean litter box. The only drawback to each of these systems is that some soiled litter may escape the removal system and will have to be cleaned manually every month or so.

Overall the assisted cleaning litter boxes make the process much easier and are a great choice for those looking to get away from a standard box. Examples of the Self/Assisted cleaning litter box can be found below.

Assisted Cleaning Litter BoxSelect a picture to view pricing and reviews!

The Automatic Cat Litter Box

Automatic Cat Litter Boxes are becoming a popular type of cat litter box on the market. This design has been around for a short period of time but only until recently has it become a good option for cat owner.

With free time decreasing and work time increasing the need for the automation in your home is becoming more and more apparent nowadays. This type is designed to totally automate the cleaning process for litter boxes.

Most automatic cat litter boxes come with specific litter pellets or litter materials and they are able to be washed an re-used by the box itself. It also scoops up the waste and disposes of it without a person ever having to touch it.

Automatic litter boxes run on a time schedule that allows the cleaning process to take place while it is not in use. Some even have pressure sensitive points that way when your cat exits the box the process begins ensuring your cat will have fresh litter to use and step into each time.

Typically you will find a type of hose that can be attached to a toilet to dispose of waste or an attachment that will allow waste to be disposed through a laundry rooms outlet for water from the washing machine. This type of litter box is great for those cat owners who love their cats and want a clean house and area for their cats to use the restroom but just do not have the time or desire to clean it.

The automatic litter box is a great choice for any cat owner because it will give you the freedom you need with work or vacations and you can know your cat is taken care of at all times. Examples of the Automatic litter box can be found below.

Automatic Cat litter boxSelect a picture to view pricing and reviews!

No matter what litter box you choose for your cat always remember that you are looking for one that they will use. The worst mistake a cat owner can make is buying a one that they (the owner) want and will work for them not one that will work best for their cat.

It is a waste of time and money if you buy the litter box that works for you and not your cat. Always keep in mind this is about making both of your lives easier not just your own. After all, if your cat does not like the one you choose you will be losing money on it because your cat won’t use it and the carpet you’ll have to replace when a mistake happens can cost more than the extra money you may not want to spend on the litter box.

Always keep your cat first then find the litter box that will benefit you as well. Don’t forget a kitty litter mat to go with the best kitty litter box for you and your cat! There are also great pieces of furniture that can hide and cover up your cats littler box if you’re interested.

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