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Choosing The Correct Cat Hair Brush

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Cat With BrushHave you every purchased a cat hair brush but while using it you notice that it is not doing as good of a job as you would have hoped? I think we have all bought that product for our cats that had everything you ever dreamed about for your cats on the box, only to be let down when you bring it home and put it to use.

We have viewed our share of these products and brushes for our cats and wanted to give you something useful on how to choose the correct brush for your cat. The cat brushes we have here are broken down with details on what type of cat they are made for and what they should be used for.

With this guide we will help you choose the best cat brush for your grooming needs and provide you with a selection to choose from.

Some brushes are made for different uses and for this reason most of these brushes, when used for specific jobs, seem like they do not work. The key is to know these brushes and their uses.

Some brushes are obvious as to what they should and shouldn’t be used for but others can be more deceptive. For instance, a brush with one row of long metal bristles should not be used for removing shedding hair just like a brush with many rows of short softer bristles should not be used for removing large knots.

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The Task At Hand!

Now that you have decided to groom your cat we will break down each brush and their use so you can find the one that is best for the task at hand. The first step to choosing the correct cat brush is to understand what you are trying to accomplish with your cats coat.

We feel this is always the first step because being prepared is always the step you never want to skip. Skipping this step would be like buying your cats food dishes without ever buying them food. So always know the task you are looking to accomplish before selecting the brush you will use.

Now that you know what you are looking to accomplish the following is a guide to cat brushes and their uses. This guide has been created to help you select the correct tool that will complete the job at hand. Our cats can feel just like we can and that’s why selecting the correct brush is so important so that you will not hurt your cat during this process.

De-shedding Cat Brushes

Mat cat brushDe-shedding cat brushes are the most common type of brush found today and generally speaking when most of us think of a cat brush this is the type we think about. This brush type is one that has many rows of bristles that are thin, short, and soft.

Each bristle is strong enough to reach your cat’s skin but soft enough to not dig into it. Just because they are a softer bristle type this does not mean you should apply a tremendous amount of pressure when grooming your cat because it is not needed. A small amount of pressure will be enough to remove the shedding fur from your cat.

The De-shedding cat hair brush is used for general grooming and the removal of shedding cat hair. You can typically find this brush with plastic and metal bristles that are positioned closely together and are both great choices for removing shedding hair.

De-shedding brushes can be used on short and long haired cats however they are best to use on your short haired cat. This type of brush is the best cat brush to use daily on your cat and typically the safest.

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Knot And Mat Removing Cat Brushes

Knot and mat removing cat brushes are recognized by tDeshedding Toolheir bristles positioning. You can tell knot and mat removing brushes apart from De-shedding brushes because they have bristles that are further apart from each other and generally will only have one or two rows of bristles.

The bristles on this type of brush are a harder type of bristle commonly made out of metal or a hard plastic. These bristles are also usually thicker that the De-shedding cat brush bristles. The bristles on these types of brushes are made the way they are so they do not catch and rip out your cat’s hair due to knots and mats.

De-shedding brushes should not be used for this purpose because they will catch on the knots and mats and will rip out your cat’s hair. A knot and mat removing cat brush will untangle these problem areas and allow you to use a De-shedding cat brush to completely remove them after they are broken down without hurting your cat by ripping out its fur.

This type of brush is good to use on short and long haired cats but should be used carefully on short haired cats as to not harm their body under their fur.

Any brush for a cat you find can typically be grouped into one of these two categories. While there are all different shapes, sizes, forms, and variants of these brushes, knowing the difference between the two categories listed above will having you choosing the correct brush every time without any worries of harming your cat.

Below we have listed some of the different types of brushes that are harder to identify using the categories listed above.

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Rubber Cat Brushes

Rubber Cat BrushRubber cat brushes are another type of brush that is typically used for washing your cat. These brushes are great because they have rubber bristles that will not harm your cat in the bath while they are wet and moving rapidly.

Rubber brushes will help you wash your cat’s fur and skin with ease and without the fear of harming them with the hard brushes bristles. Another aspect that makes these brushes great for washing your cat is that they are made completely out of rubber that will give you a shore grip on it even with soapy hands.

If this brush is dropped it will not hurt your cat if it were to accidentally hit them. This brush will also not break if dropped and your cat can not ruin the brush with their teeth or claws. Overall this is the brush to use when giving your cat a bath during their grooming.

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Cat Combs

Cat CombDuring your shopping you are sure to come across cat brushes that look like combs. The cat comb is another brush that can be identified by its bristles however; you will only have one row of bristles to identify their use by.

You will find that De-shedding cat combs have bristles that are closer together, thin, and are shorter. Knot and mat removing cat combs will have bristles that are thicker, longer, and wider apart.

You should always be careful when using a cat comb because you do not want to harm your cat’s skin while grooming them but they are still a great choice when used properly.

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The Cat Flea Comb

A comb that is not mentioned often, because the nature in which you have to use this comb is not positive, is the Cat Cat Flea CombFlea Comb. The Cat Flea comb is usually made with small metal or plastic bristles that are very close together and generally are a harder bristle. This type of comb is used when removing fleas from your cat’s coat.

Fleas are pests that get into your cat’s fur and bite and feed off of your cats blood. These pests are very uncomfortable for your cat to have and the flea comb helps remove these unwanted pests.

When removing fleas with a flea comb it’s best to have a place to discard the fleas after they are removed so they are not running throughout your home. The way this comb is used is by firmly, but not enough to hurt your cat, combing to the skin and sliding the comb down your cat’s fur.

After the comb is removed from the fur there will typically be fleas on it and at this point you want to have a place to get rid of them permanently. Unfortunately most cats get fleas at one time or another in their lives and this type of comb is a great one to have on hand!

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Cat Brush Gloves

Cat Brush GloveOne of the newest cat brushes on the market today is the cat brush glove. It may seem obvious as to what this glove is but we still want to state that it is a glove with bristles on the palm and finger portion of the glove that allow you to brush your cat.

This type of brush is a great choice for any type of cat because they come with various bristle types and lengths. If you are going to choose this type of brush glove be sure to look at the bristles on the glove to determine if it aligns with the task you are looking to complete.

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The Brush That’s Best For Your Cat!

Overall when choosing the correct cat hair brush you want to mostly look at the type of bristles the brush has to make sure it is the one that will best suit the cat fur situation at hand. You also want to place care in choosing a brush that will not hurt your cat but will make them feel better because their fur is well cared for.

The overall goal of a cat brush is to remove unwanted hair so that our cats are healthy and comfortable. It is also to remove hair that we do not want all over our house but more so for you cat than it is for you. So make sure to choose the brush that will help them the most, not the one that will help you the most.

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