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Choosing The Best Cat Nail Clippers

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Cat NailsCutting the nails of a cat is one of the many parts of grooming that require a high level of care and concentration. This is nothing that’s life threatening to your cat but it can cause them a great deal of pain and discomfort if it’s done incorrectly or hastily. So it’s essential to have the best cat nail clippers and the knowledge of how to use them with your cat’s specific needs.

Some cats have thicker shorter nails where a different type of clipper will be easier for you to use than a clipper that is meant for long thin nails. This is why we have created a place for you to find all of the information you’ll need when trimming your cats nails, from how to clip them to which trimmer is the best for you and your cat.

Nail ClippersClipper StylePriceRating (1-5 Stars)
Safari Professional Nail TrimmerSafari Professional Nail TrimmerPliers Type$4.7
Ultimate Touch Cat Claw ClipperUltimate Touch Cat Claw ClipperScissor Type$4.5
Millers Forge Pet Nail ClipperMillers Forge Pet Nail ClipperPliers Type$4.3
Four Paws Cat Claw ClipperFour Paws Cat Claw ClipperScissor Type$4.2
Resco Deluxe Cat Nail TrimmerResco Deluxe Cat Nail TrimmerGuillotine Type$4.2
Oster Cordless Nail TrimmerOster Cordless Nail TrimmerElectric Type$$3.5
JW Deluxe Nail TrimmerJW Deluxe Nail TrimmerGuillotine Type$3.1

Different types of nail trimmers provide different advantages and have various uses that will give your cat’s nails the type of cut that is best and most comfortable for them. There can also be disadvantages of using certain nail trimmers on your cat’s claws that will cause the nail to splinter and break instead of giving them a clean, even cut.

In an effort to reduce the splintering and breaking of your cat’s nails it is essential to understand how to trim them. It is also important to know the differences in the nail trimmers that are available to you and their advantages. We will first describe the different types of nail clippers and their uses then we will detail the easy process of trimming a cat nails.

Choosing the nail trimmers you will use on your cat will ultimately be up to you but we know your cat will be happy with your work knowing you will not harm them during the process.

Types and Styles of Cat Nail Clippers

Now that you know how to safely and easily trim your cat’s nails we will get into the different types and styles of nail trimmers that are best for cutting a cat’s nails. Some of the different types and styles range from the standard scissor nail clipper to the guillotine nail clipper.

There are four main types of cat nail trimmers and many different styles of each. Here we will detail each type and you can choose the style you prefer because the styles are more about your comfort as the user where the type is for your cat as the recipient.

The Scissor Cat Nail Trimmer

Scissor Type Nail ClipperThe scissor cat nail trimmer is exactly what it sounds like and that is where it gets its name from. This pair of nail clippers is modeled after a standard pair of scissors with the same style of handles and frame.

The only different between actual scissors and the cat nail scissor is the trimmer on the end where actual scissors have straight blades. These are simply the best cat clippers because they are the easiest to use and the most effective while giving your cats nails the best treatment.

Scissor type cat nail trimmers are great because they require little effort to use and can be easily used by anyone. Not to mention they are quick and easy for your cat and keep theirs claws in great condition after clipping.

The Pliers Cat Nail Trimmer

Pliers Type Nail ClipperAnother type of nail trimmer that gets its name from the tool it’s modeled after is the pliers type nail trimmer. This clipper is great because it’s easy to use and can be gripped without having to put your fingers through holes in the handles.

The pliers type of nail cutter provides a quick and clean cut that can make the nail clipping process easy for your cats as well. These clippers are sometimes chosen over other types because of their grip and quick fashion.

Another feature of this type of trimmer is the leverage you can get from using them versus a scissors type of nail clipper that can sometimes be difficult to get good leverage from if you have less strength in your hand. Overall they are another great choice for your cat’s needs.

The Guillotine Cat Nail Trimmer

Guillotine Cat Nail ClippersThe guillotine cat nail clipper gets its name from the design of its blades. This clipper is good for those who cannot grip the pliers type handle very well because it makes the action of trimming the nail easier.

This type of this clipper is not chosen for cats most often because it is hard to determine where it will cut the nail. It’s also known for having to put your cat’s nail in the loop to cut it which can be a difficult process when trying to keep your cat still long enough to trim them.

Some good things about this clipper are that it can be a quick cut if you can get your cat’s nails in it correct. It is also very easy to make the actual cut and will leave your cat’s nail clean without splintering or breaking. We bring this one up because people still do prefer this type for calmer cats because of the cut it gives the cat’s claw.

The Electric Cat Nail Trimmer

Electric Cat Nail TrimmerThe electric cat nail trimmer is similar to that or a grinder for cats that will just not stay still long enough to allow you to clip their nails properly with a nail clipper. These types of clippers are great because they take the risk out of cutting your cat’s nails to short. They are also very easy to use from an operator perspective.

The drawbacks of this type of clipper are that it can scare cats with the noise it makes and may take some getting used to. Also it does take time to trim the cat’s nails with this type but it is a safer alternative for a squirmy cat. Overall it’s a safe alternative and a quality nail clipper.

How To Use Your Cat Clippers

Trimming your cat’s nails is a fairly straight forward process because we do it on ourselves quite often. There are however some differences between our nails and a cat’s claws that can cause this process to be a difficult or painful one for your cat.

One of the main differences between a humans nails and a cat’s are that cats have what’s called a “quick” in their claws. The quick is a type of vein that runs down a cat’s nail because it’s actually a part of their paw unlike our nails that could be removed and would grow back. This is why so many cat owners resort to de-clawing their cats thinking the nail is like that of a human.

De-clawing a cat is like cutting off the tip of their fingers and is VERY painful for them so it should, if at all possible, never be done.

Cat Nail QuickThe hold is one of the first things to know about trimming a cat’s nails. A cat has a portion of fur on the back of their neck called the scruff which can be gripped firmly but not so hard it will hurt your cat. Mother cats have used this scruff throughout history to carry their young around conveniently while not harming or hurting their kittens.

The scruff is the best place to hold your cat because it will actually calm them and keep them positioned correctly at the same time. This may be an instinct instilled in cats by their mother or Mother Nature herself.

When trimming a cat’s nails the same principals apply as they do to our own nails. We want to cut the nail to a shorter manageable length without reaching the quick because this can cause bleeding and pain for your cat.

The quick can be spotted by applying a small amount of pressure to the cat’s paw that will push their claw out enough to be seen but not injuring the cat. The quick will typically be a red or dark vein running down the center of the nail and you should cut 1/8 of an inch or more forward from the quick.

You do not want to cut this portion at all because it will hurt your cat. If you do happen to nick this portion you can apply a pet safe styptic to it to stop the bleeding.

Keeping the quick in mind when cutting your cat’s nail is the most important detail to pay attention to. After you have cut one nail the rest is easy to do with care and attention. To review the process in a short, easy fashion so you know you are doing it correct here it is in a list.

  1. Grip your cat’s scruff firmly to keep them calm and position them so trimming the nail is easy but not uncomfortable.
  2. Apply a small amount of pressure to your cat’s paw to expose the nail.
  3. Find the quick in their nail by locating a red or dark vein running down the center of the claw.
  4. Clip the nail with your clippers about 1/8 of an inch before the quick or more if desired.
  5. Repeat steps 2-4 on each nail thereafter.

If any nail has splintered or broken you can always use a nail file on your cat’s nail to clean it up some. This is the part of the process that can be difficult because cats do not always want to stick around after getting their nails trimmed.

The best way to clean up these splinters or broken pieces is to get something your cat can scratch on comfortably or a place for them to climb and scratch and let the cat do it themselves naturally.

Always remember the point of learning this information is because as a cat owner we love and care about our cats. We never want to bring them harm and we are the ones who know them best, so we will know what they like and don’t like the best.

You will have to do some choosing of your own when looking for the best cat nail clippers for your cat but by following this information it can make the process a much easier one. We hope you find this information useful and that your cat’s nails look and feel great!


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