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Choosing The Best Cat Litter Mat!

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Cat litter matMany cat owners have litter boxes that work great. But having a litter box that works great does not mean that after your cat leaves the box all of the litter stays within it.

This is where having a litter mat comes in, to keep the exterior of their litter box clean. There are many mats out there that work great but what we would like you to find is the best cat litter mat for your home so we have found only the best for you.

Cat litter mats come in all shapes, sizes, and materials. Some litter mats have materials that while they sound like they work they simply do not. We will not waste your time with the ones that don’t work like you think they would.

We have brought you the litter mats that work and keep the litter on them and not scattered throughout your home. If this sounds like what you are looking for continue reading.

Litter MatsMat TypePriceRating (1-5 Stars)
Blackhole Headshape Cat Litter MatBlackhole Headshape Cat Litter MatSoft Foam Web$$5
Blackhole Large Litter MatBlackhole Large Litter MatSoft Foam Web$$4.8
Paw Shaped Litter MatPaw Shaped litter MatRubber Web$4.5
PetFusion SmartGrip Cat Litter MatPetFusion SmartGrip Cat Litter MatSoft Material$$4.3
Blackhole Square Litter Trap MatBlack Hole Square Litter MatSoft Foam Web$$4.8
Petmate Large Litter MatPetmate Large Litter MatRubber Web$4.2
Pruven Litter Trap MatPruven Litter Trap MatRubber Web$4.1
Van Ness Trackless Litter MatVan Ness Trackless Litter MatRubber$3.6

Arm and Hammer Half Circle Cat Litter Mat

Arm and Hammer cat litter matWe have always been a fan of Arm and Hammer cat products because they make a safe quality product that actually works with our cats interests at heart.

The Arm and Hammer cat litter mat’s overall shape is a half circle that is meant to be placed in front of the exit of your cat’s litter box. With this half circle design it covers the whole area in front of the exit of the litter box to ensure your cats feet are cleaned before they continue into your home.

Its webbing is made with a soft rubberized material that will clean your cat’s feet while keeping them comfortable without spikes as some mats have. This webbing is the primary feature of this mat because it traps the scattered litter in it and keeps it there until you are ready to clean it.

Overall this is the best cat litter mat when compared to other similar styles of mats and is simply no comparison to other styles.

PetFusion Smart Grip Cat Litter Mat

PetFusion SmartGrip Cat Litter MatOne litter mat that has set the stage for the rest to follow is the PetFusion Smart Grip litter mat. This litter mat does not have your traditional litter catching spikes or webbing and instead uses a soft material to catch the excess litter on your cat’s paws. What this litter mat does is it allows your cats to leave the litter box and step onto a soft surface that they prefer while also letting the litter impress into the mat and leaving it on the mat instead of your floor.

The PetFusion mat steps away from the mats that rely on something to catch the litter and instead will actually mold around the litter on your cats paws to keep it on the mat. Your cats will not mind stepping onto the surface because it’s soft and similar to a carpet.

Another great feature of this mat is that it can be easily cleaned. The Smart grip litter mat lets you shake the cat litter back into the box without throwing litter everywhere. It can also be cleaned even easier with a wet sponge or cloth instead of having to clean it in a machine or with a hose.

Overall the PetFusion litter mat allows your cat to be comfortable when they leave the litter box. This mat also lets the litter stay on the mat instead of on your floor in an innovative way molding around the litter and keeping it in place instead of letting it drop into the mat.

Petmate Large Litter Catcher Mat

Petmate Litter Catcher MatAnother brand of litter mat we recommend is the Petmate litter catcher. Simply put this mat does its job of catching litter from your cat’s paws and keeps it there. This is another mat that is made out of a rubberized material and has similar webbing to the first cat litter mat above. Mesh webbing on this mat is far superior to mats that just have hard rubber spikes to catch litter.

The webbing on these mats is superior because it’s soft, so while it is comfortable for your cat to walk on it also allows give which lets your cat’s paw be cleaned before they continue out of the litter box.

Unlike other types of mats this webbing keeps the litter held within it until you are ready to clean it out. When it comes to cleaning this mat it’s also very easy because a quick shake will release most of the caught litter.

If there is a more thorough cleaning needed you can hose this mat down and it will come completely clean without much effort. Overall this is another great choice and will do the job it is intended to do.

Pruven Litter Trap Mat

Pruven Cat Litter MatFor the price this may just be the best cat litter mat you will find. The Pruven litter trap mat is one that also has the soft rubberized meshing that will collect the excess cat litter your cat may have on their paws.

While this mat is not exceptionally large it is great for those litter boxes that are not in large spaces. For its size it will get the job done in any home and fits right in at your smaller homes.

This litter trap mat is great because it comes in two sizes, a smaller version and a larger one so you can choose the size that works best in your home. While no litter mat will give you a 100% litter catching guarantee you will notice a big difference in the amount of litter that escapes especially if you have a rubber mat or no mat at all.

Van Ness Trackless Litter Mat

Van Ness Cat Litter MatAs far as the rubber mats go with points this is the best one we have found. While these mats are not as effective as those with soft rubber mesh they are still effective and much easier to clean.

The Van Ness Trackless Litter Mat will still significantly reduce the amount of litter that escapes your cat’s litter box and it didn’t seem fair not to include it here as it’s the best rubber mat you will find.

This mat is designed to be places in front of a litter box and when your cat steps on it litter will fall in between the rubber points and collect there instead of on your floors. The mat is very easy to clean because it can be picked up and shaken off very easily.

Also, because it is completely rubber you can hose it down with soap and water, let it dry, and it’s good as new. While you may find the mesh litter mats to collect more litter, this mat is great for those who simply do not like the mesh type litter mats.

The Best Cat Litter Mat For Your Cat!

Overall the mat that you choose should allow your cat to walk on it after using the litter box and collect most excess litter they may track out. If you currently have no litter mat or you have one that simply is not working give one of these options a try. You will not be disappointed because they actually work.

A small disclaimer of ours is to keep in mind that litter mats are there to collect most of the excess litter and may not collect every last bit of it. Also some cats may jump over the litter mat and never step foot on it upon their exit. This is not the litter mats fault because some cats no matter the mat do not like to step on certain materials.

With that said you do want to choose the mat that you feel your cat will like to step on and that will collect the most litter when they exit their litter box. We hope you find what you have come for and check out some of our other cat products and our cat trees!

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