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Choosing An Outdoor Cat Tree !

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Outdoor Cat TreeIndoor and outdoor structures are among the many items that we cat lovers provide our beloved pets that offer hours of entertainment and a safe place to snooze or gaze at the world around them from a safe distance. Take a look at some of the more interesting products on the market for your indoor and outdoor cats.

Each enclosure will provide them everything from places to chill outside on a nice day to a place to stay during those extra hot and freezing cold days. Check out our reviews below our comparison guide of each cat tree!

Comprehensive Comparison Guide

Kuranda Cat TowerKuranda Cat Tower76"30"21"$$$
Trixie 3 Story Cat HouseTrixie 3 Story Cat House37"23"22"$
Kittywalk Town and CountryKittywalk Town and Country72"18"96"$$$
Merry Pet Cat HouseMerry Pet Cat House21"29"26"$
Outdoor Feline FunhouseOutdoor Feline Funhouse28"34"72"$
The Kitty TubeThe Kitty Tube23"24"24"$$
Insulated Cedar Outdoor Cat HouseInsulated Cedar Outdoor Cat House18"17"29"$$$

Kuranda Cat Tower Climbers 76″H x 30″W x 21″L

Kuranda Cat TowerThe multi-tiered design comes in two to nine tiers and is constructed using heavy-duty walnut-colored PVC pipe. The vinyl fabric covering of each level comes in a choice of burgundy, forest green or royal blue, which makes cleaning a breeze. Indoor cats will spend hours relaxing on any of the nooks. Your feline companions will also delight in climbing from one level to another while getting exercise.

The durable design also makes the tower sufficient as an indoor or outdoor cat tree. The opportunity to have numerous levels means that the unit readily accommodates multiple cats while providing an ample number of personal space. You can add a hanging toy here and there for added entertainment and enclose one or more spaces for added privacy for cats that relish hiding.

TRIXIE Pet Products Reclusive 37″H x 23″W x 22″L

Trixie 3 Story Cat HouseWeighing a mere 30 pounds and featuring a weatherproof finish makes this cozy 3-story wooden cat house perfect for indoor or outdoor cats. The charming and unique design features real pine wood construction, composite shingles, adorable latching shutters and peek through holes. Cats gain entrance through a specially designed vinyl-slatted doorway on the first level or through a front door on the second level. The back also has a large, latched door for easy access and quick cleaning when needed.

Inside, felines can climb, crawl or jump from one deck to another while staying warm, dry and having the ability to monitor the environment outside. As an outdoor cat condo, the house remains elevated off the floor. Furnished with charming peek-holes, the hut ensures ample air circulation. Add comfortable bedding when the weather changes and cats have the ideal location to roost. The seams may need caulking to ensure adequate protection from drafts and moisture.

Kittywalk Town and Country Climbers 72″H x 18″W x 96″L

Kittywalk Town and CountryWhen desiring to provide the means for indoor cats to get some much needed fresh air while being protected, this is one of the best outdoor cat house devices around. The portable outdoor cat structure weighs just 36 pounds and can easily be moved from one place to another. Similar to a hamster enclosure, the multiple unit features a deck, a Kabana, a patio and a penthouse that serves as an outdoor cat tree. Equipped with three levels, all are safely contained within a netted environment. Two sturdy awning roofs ensure that cats have a place to retreat from the sun when needed.

The Kittywalk is also constructed to easily connect with other cat enclosures if you want to make the unit bigger for multiple cats. The company additionally makes a protective cover that completely encapsulates the entire 30 cubic feet of space. Care must be taken not to allow the tower to get extended sun exposure or fading and mesh deterioration can occur.

Merry Pet MPS002 Wood Room with a View Pet House- 21″H x 29″W x 26″L

Merry Pet Cat HouseThis charming little pet house is the perfect resting place for reclusive cats or dogs indoors or out. The unit is constructed using specially treated and stained cedar. Make the split-level beds warm and cozy with heated or unheated pads. You can add a door flap for cats that prefer a greater degree of snoozing privacy. You can also replace the ladder with a ramp if desired.

The roof and bottom panels quickly remove for cleaning and the entire house is portable with a weight of just 9 pounds. Ideal for smaller pets, while indoors, the house is just the right height to place in front of a window in order to create a watch guard post. The durable construction means that pets can enjoy their abode for years to come.

Outdoor Feline Funhouse Sunbathers 28″H x 34″W x 72″L

Outdoor Feline FunhouseThis outdoor cat condo brings pop-up tents to mind. The breathable mesh enclosure serves as a wonderful environment for letting indoor cats outdoors to bask in the warmth of the sun. The mesh also ensures that cats have a full 360-degree view of everything around them while feeling safe and secure. However, putting a lightweight sheet over one end allows kitty privacy and the means to escape the sun if desired. Use the fun house on a solid surface or on the lawn. The package comes with stakes and weights to keep the enclosure in place.

The cat tent also quickly folds and stores in a special circular bag. The convenience and portability of the outdoor cat condo enables owners to take their feline companions on road trips or camping. Use it indoors when introducing newcomers into the home, or when little ones are expected. Make it more comfy by adding a favorite blanket or pet bed. The enclosure is also large enough to add food and water dishes or a standard-sized litter box. Be sure to keep the zipper pulls on the outside of the structure or clever cats will soon learn to unzip the ends and possibly escape when outdoors.

The Kitty Tube-Outdoor Insulated Cat House 23″H x 24″W x 24″L

The Kitty TubeThe Kitty tube is perfect for any cat owner interested in environmental conservation. The heavy-duty polyvinyl container is constructed in the U.S.A. using recycled detergent and milk jugs. The shell features the main body and a lid that opens for added ventilation. Carrying handles make the 23-pound tube completely portable when needed. The unit is fully double-insulated, which ensures that the interior stays cool in the summer and warm in the winter. The cat-sized doorway boasts an awning that keeps moisture and sun out.

The durability of the design means the tube is sure to last for years while resisting wear and tear from the elements. The package also comes with a washable mat and multiple changes of straw bedding to enrich comfort and maintain body heat. Replacement straw is readily available. However, there is a low-voltage heater available to keep cats warm during the colder months of the year. The tube is sure to be a hit with outdoor cats that prefer reclusive hideaways.

Insulated Cedar Outdoor Cat House 18″H x 17″W x 29″L

Insulated Cedar Outdoor Cat HouseWhen looking for the best outdoor cat house, consider this hand constructed structure made from authentic cedar wood. The outdoor cat house provides an attractive, weatherproof hideaway for cats that prefer seclusion. The house is also fully-insulated from top to bottom. The coup features an extended roof that protects the doorway and cats from the elements while enjoying and watching the outdoors from the expanded front deck.

The charming hut is also raised up from the ground, which further ensures air circulation and helps keep the structure dry. Caulking the seams during assembly helps keep out unwanted cold air, rain or snow.

In conclusion…

Overall each outdoor getaway has their own unique features and benefits depending on what you are looking to do with the enclosures. We have provided everything from outdoor retreats for indoor cats to actual full on houses for outdoor cats to call home while they are roaming the world.

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