Top 5 Cat Beds For Large Cats

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Cats spend more than half of their day sleeping. According to cats spend on average 15 hours per day sleeping and some can even sleep up to 20 hours a day. No matter a cat’s size they still all sleep roughly … Read More

Top 10 Pieces of Litter Box Furniture

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Litter box furniture camouflages your cat’s litter box, helps minimize litter box odor and prevents litter from getting kicked out onto the floor when your cat enters and exits its box. This modern convention also provides an attractive covering that … Read More

Using Cat Wall Shelves In Your Home

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Cats enjoy climbing and exploring their environments, and cat wall shelves offer your feline friends a fun way to exercise and satisfy their need to climb. Shelves for your feline companions also direct your pets’ attention away from your carpets … Read More

Molly and Friends Simple Sleeper Review

Headquartered in Gainesville, Florida, Molly and Friends makes top of the line handmade cat furniture, including . The company uses the highest quality materials, and their designs are created with the needs of both cats and cat owners in mind. … Read More

Best Cat Scratching Post That Works

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Have you been looking for a solution to the repeated scratching of your furniture, carpets, and personal effects? We know exactly how you feel and we have a solution for you. Not only will we provide you with a place … Read More