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Top 5 Cat Beds For Large Cats

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Cats spend more than half of their day sleeping. According to cats spend on average 15 hours per day sleeping and some can even sleep up to 20 hours a day. No matter a cat’s size they still all sleep roughly the same amount of time. With so many hours of the day devoted to their rest a cat should have the best bed to sleep in, especially larger cats.

Most cat beds today are made for the average sized cat and do not take into account our larger, furry friends. We all want options and choices when it comes to the animals we love and so we want to give you your choices when it comes to the best cat beds for our larger domestic cats (not these large cats).

Another thing to keep in mind is that if you have a kitten, buying a bed for their size now will not allow them to use it in the future. Like all animals your kitten will grow. When they do, doesn’t it make sense to buy a larger bed for your kitten, that way they can use it even when they are fully grown.

Large Cat Bed Comparison

BedsQualityPriceOur Rating
Armarkat Laurel Green Pet BedA$
Armarkat Laurel Green and Beige Covered Cat BedA$$
Coolaroo Elevated Pet BedA+$$
Aspen Pet Self Warming Cat BedA-$
Amazon Basics Padded Pet Bolster Bed (Medium)B+$

Picking The Right Cat Bed For Large Cats

As with most things when it comes to cats you can learn a great deal about what they prefer by simply watching them. Watching your cat is one of the most overlooked opportunities cat owners can have.

Most people want a cat to pet and love, then when it comes to what makes their cat comfortable, they forget to just watch what they prefer and use that information to get a product that is best for their particular cat.

The most important thing to look for in a cat bed is where your cat is sleeping comfortably now (no seriously, look now, with 15-20 hours a day of sleep I bet they’re sleeping and giving you information on where they like to sleep at this very moment!). If they prefer wide open places like your bed you’ll want to make sure they have plenty of room in their bed. On the other hand if they always sleep somewhere where they’re closed in and secure you’ll want to make sure the bed you choose gives them that feeling too.

Also, if they like napping on certain types of material this is another thing you’ll want to watch out for. We’ll go over all of these details below so you can be well informed before you purchase your cat’s new place to count z’s or sheep!


Cat Size GuideThere are many types of cat beds out there. Most of them are made in one average size which is about 15-19 inches long. These are good for average sized cats, however your larger cat will be crammed in a bed this size.

Keep in mind if your cat is young (4 months to 1 year old) they aren’t done growing yet. It can take up to 1 year for a cat to be full grown. Also while cats might stop growing in height they may start getting a bit round in the midsection depending on their diet and exercise.

That being said, you should try to get a bed that your cat will fit in comfortably when they are fully grown. You can buy a bed when they are a kitten then another when they a fully grown, but as we all know money doesn’t grow on trees so one is preferable that they’ll always be able to use.

A cat bed for a large cat should be approximately 20 inches long or larger. We have found that the best kind of bed for a larger cat is actually small dog beds. Typically, these beds are perfect because they’re just the right size and they’re made slightly better than most beds that are designed specifically for cats. So not only will they fit your kitty in them comfortably, they will stand up to the test of time.


Cat Bed MaterialEach bed varies in the types of materials they are made out of. From faux fur like materials, all the way up to mesh canvas you’ll find no shortage of materials to choose from. Once again, choosing the material is something you can look to your cat for when deciding on what material will be best for the bed you choose for your cat.

If you find that your cat loves to sleep on carpeted floor you can get fabric that’s the same or very close to carpet. Faux fur is often used to simulate a carpet feeling while being slightly softer, warmer, and more comfortable.

Another great option for cats that love carpet is a cat tree. Cat trees are typically covered in carpet and will give your cat a nice high resting place to relax in. Not only do you get a bed your cat will love you get a playground, exercise gym, and provide them with other comforting features.

Somewhere in between Mesh fabric and faux fur you’ll come across beds with a plush like cushion material. Plush is similar to microfiber material and is great for cats that like to sleep on your couch, bed spread, or pillows.

Then you have Mesh fabric which is closely woven strands of a plastic like material that are tougher and give you a more solid foundation type of bed. If your cat prefers to sleep on your dining room table, nightstand, or other harder more solid furniture this is the best choice for them!

While there are plenty of other materials out there, these three are the most commonly used types in cat beds today. If your cat prefers a type of material other than the three we’ve already talked about, don’t feel like your making a bad choice because we didn’t mention them. You know your cat best and can choose the best material for their bed, we’re just covering the most common types.


Last but not least in this process is what style of bed to choose from. Each bed has its own unique style. Cat beds range in styles from simple flat padded beds to beds with cushy bases and open tops to beds with hoods and fully covered tent like tops.

Once again you can look to your kitty for the information you need to decide on the type of bed they will like the best. You can use the short list below to gather the information on what type of style they might prefer and then go from there.

  • Enclosed Spaces – If your cat is sleeping in an enclosed space like your closet or some dark corner enclosed somewhere, they’ll prefer a fully covered bed or one with minimal openings.
  • Semi-Enclosed Spaces – If they’re sleeping in places like under the bed or areas with some openings but still have cover then they’ll prefer a bed with a hood or some other type of semi-covering.
  • Open Areas – If they prefer sleeping on your couch, on your bed, or on the floor most of the time, then a traditional cat bed with no top covering will be best for them.
  • Fully Open Areas – Now if they are sleeping in places like your table, countertop, or on non-carpeted floor this is where an open mesh fabric type of bed will be the best for their preference.


ColorsWe wanted to fully cover all the choices and color is definitely a choice. While this may not be the most important choice you’ll have to make when choosing a cat bed, this is one where it may not matter as much to your cat. If your cats only sleeps on things of a certain color then, naturally, you should choose that color.

However, this will most likely be up to your preference as we have not found any evidence that cats do not like to sleep on certain colored beds. They may not like to sleep in fluorescent colors but again there’s nothing that suggests that they don’t!

To Sum it all up

The best part about being a cat owner is that, like people, cats are unique and have their own personalities. You can use the information above to find the bed that will make them the most comfortable and happy for their unique personality. That being said cat’s are unique and only you as their owner will know what they like and prefer the most.

Now that you’ve got everything you need. Get out there and get them the cat bed that’s best for them so they can get their beauty sleep!

Reviews Of Some Of The Best Cat Beds For Large Cats

BedsQualityPriceOur Rating
Armarkat Laurel Green Pet BedA$
Armarkat Laurel Green and Beige Covered Cat BedA$$
Coolaroo Elevated Pet BedA+$$
Aspen Pet Self Warming Cat BedA-$
Amazon Basics Padded Pet Bolster Bed (Medium)B+$

Below, we’ve reviewed a variety of cat beds for you that cover many of the options we talked about above. We couldn’t possibly review them all, but we have included the beds that we recommend based on the information we have been given!

Armarkat Laurel Green Pet Bed

Cat beds for large catsArmarkat is a brand we love in the cat world. They make some of the most affordable, best quality for the price, cat products and furniture. And they didn’t stop making great products in their cat beds.

The Laurel Green Pet Bed is made out of canvas on the outside and a plush cushion on the inside. It’s fully machine washable if any accidents happen. They call it a size medium but it is definitely large enough for larger cats.

It measures 22 inches long by 19 inches wide and 8 inches high. This bed is a great choice for cats that like to sleep with some open space and a nice softy cushy base. If your cat sleeps on the couch or your bed this is a great option for them.

Armarkat Laurel Green and Beige Covered Cat Bed

Best Cat BedAnother great choice by Armarkat is their version of a fully covered cat bed. While it’s pretty close to the same colors as the open bed above, it’s a great alternative if your cat prefers some enclosed space while they sleep.

This bed is made out of a faux velvet like material that will provide your cat a nice, couch like, place to sleep with the coverage they may want. It too, is fully machine washable that way it can be cleaned if your cat mistakes it for a litter box.

While it’s not the biggest bed it measures 20 inches long by 20 inches wide and 14 inches high. These may be outside measurements so expect the inside to be an inch or two smaller.

The Base of the bed is skid free so it won’t slide all around your floor if your cat wants to do some rough housing.

Amazon Basics Padded Pet Bolster Bed (Medium)

Best Pet BedsThe Amazon Basics Padded Pet Bolster Bed in a medium size is a perfect bed for cats that just want a comfortable place to sleep.

We wanted to include this option as a flat, fully open cat bed because it really is large enough for even the largest cats. It measures 35 inches long by 22 inches wide and 2.5 inches thick and will give your cat with a great place to relax that simulates carpet or beds

This bed is made out of a fleece cover and has polyester cushioning material and is machine washable in case of accidents. It’s made by Amazon themselves and is a great quality cat bed. It’s simple and cheap and cats love it as long as they like open spaces.

Coolaroo Elevated Pet Bed

pet beds for catsBefore you leave thinking “this isn’t even a cat bed” let us explain. The Coolaroo pet bed is created mainly for dogs, however, it doubles as a pet bed for cats that like solid places like your tables, counters, and hard floors. If you don’t believe us look at the reviews on Amazon where many state their dogs love it and the cat does too!

This is a great option for cats that like fully open solid places to sleep. It will keep them cool and slightly raised and will fit even the largest cat. They come in 3 different sizes but we recommend the small for large cats. The small measures 28 inches long by 22 inches wide and 8 inches high off the ground.

The material is a hypoallergenic knitted mesh fabric that is flea, mite, mold, and mildew resistant. It’s breathable and will let air flow keeping the bed nice and cool. It’s ideal if your cat loves open solid places to sleep.

It comes in 4 different colors too! Green, grey, terracotta, and nutmeg.

Aspen Pet Self Warming Cat Bed

Self Warming Cat BedAnother option for large cats is a self warming cat bed. We’re including this option because we’ve given you an option for cats that prefer to be cool, now we wanted to provide one if your cat likes to be warm.

This bed measures 19 inches long by 19 inches wide and about 3.5 inches thick. It’s great for a large cat and will keep the warmth in while your cat is using it.

It’s made from faux fur like material on the inside and a polyester material on the outside. It’s machine washable and will keep your cat nice and warm while they’re using it.

We haven’t been able to confirm the following but figured we’d include them as they are options that this bed is supposed to have. It uses space blanket technology to keep the heat in and keep your cat warm. It’s also supposed to reflect your cat’s body heat and keep the bed at their body temperature.

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