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Carpeted Cat Condo For Large Cats

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Lately we’ve done a lot of reviews on cat trees that are taller and meant more for bush dwellers or tree dwellers. We wanted to make sure that the cave dwelling cats had a choice also so today we’re reviewing the carpeted cat condo for large cats.

You can find a picture of this cat condo below.

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Carpeted Cat Condo Dimensions and Cat Types

The Carpeted Cat Condo is made to hold larger cats, this way; your large cave dweller is not left out in the open because they’ll actually be able to fit comfortably inside. One of the biggest complaints of most cat condos is that they’re too small for regular sized cats and large cats. This Condo is made for larger cats so if they can fit in it and be comfortable smaller cats certainly can as well.

The overall measurements of this cat condo is twenty inches wide by twenty inches in length and thirty four inches high. At this height, length, and width it’s perfect for bush dwelling cats and cave dwellers. These two cat types love condos that are this height because it’s similar to a bush’s height and width and provides great coverage or open space on top.

For the condo or hideaway measures 14.5 Inches long by 14.5 inches high with a cutout portion to allow it to fit in a corner of a room. The entrance cutout is approximately 10 inches high by about 6-8 inches wide. This condo is great for larger cats to fit into comfortably with room for them to easily move around.

Moving up to the nest of this cat tree it measures 19 inches in length by 19 inches wide. The nest itself is made for larger and smaller cats to fit on and relax comfortably with room to stretch and move. The nest is also shaped with the rest of the condo to fit in a corner and has four sides so your cat doesn’t fall off while they relax and the front side is open for easy exit and entry.

One of the great things about this cat condo for large cats is that it’s shaped in a way that will allow it to fit in a corner of any room. This gives the condo the ability to be placed out of the way and still look great in any room. Just because it’s shaped and created for a corner doesn’t mean it can’t be use anywhere else it just mean it will look and fit better in a corner than other places in a home.

Under the nest you will find a recessed place where you cat can rest as well with some coverage as the nest is just overhead. This place is built above the cat the cat condo and can be used like a bed for your cat. The recessed area is also large enough for any sized cat to hang out.

To sum things up this cat condo is great for large and small cats. It’s ideal for bush dwelling cats and cave dwelling cats because of the condo’s overall size and features such as the condo that your cave dweller can enjoy. Another great thing about it is that multiple cats can use it at the same time and they can all be comfortable.

Carpeted Cat CondoClick Here to See Pricing, Ratings, and Reviews on Amazon.com

Features and Materials

Aside from the obvious features like the tower and cat condo there are also additional things that make this cat tree unique. As we’ve already stated this cat condo is made for larger cats so you will not have the trouble where your cat cannot fit comfortably on or in it and they will want to use it.

Another great thing about it is that it’s made with real plush carpeting. These cat condos and tree are great because you get the type of carpeting you may already have on the floors in your home. This plush carpeting is what cats love and is very comfortable for them to lie on and scratch on. You don’t have to worry about getting that fake carpeting that will last a shorter period of time.

Plush carpeting comes in different colors and for this condo you can find it in Beige, Green, Blue, Brown, and Gray. You can choose the color that will match your home carpeting or decor so it does not stick out like a sore thumb.

There are three scratching posts included with the cat condo. One of these three scratching posts has a portion that is made out of sisal. Sisal is the material that most of the best cat scratching posts are made out of. The rest of this same post has plush carpeting covering it for your cat to scratch on along with the other two fully carpeted posts.

A small cat toy is also included for your cat to play with while they are hanging out on the recessed cat bed under the nest. This toy is attached to the solid wood portion of the nest so it cannot be pulled out easily by your cats.

Moving to the construction of this Carpeted Cat Condo it is made fully out of solid wood and not particle board. This makes the condo durable and long lasting so it won’t fall apart a week after you get. Your cats will be able to enjoy it for years to come. Another great thing about it is that the condo is not made with harmful and bad smelling glues so your cat will be safe while the enjoy it.

Because the cat condo is made out of real wood it’s heavier which makes it great when your cats run and jump onto and off of it. Overall it’s great for larger and smaller cats because all of them will fit comfortably on it and inside the condo. Bush dweller and Cave dwellers will also love it because it’s the correct size and has the best features for their cat types.

You cannot go wrong with this cat tree as far as quality and feature go. This is the best cat condo for your money because it will last and your cat will enjoy and use it. Also, the materials used on it are of very high quality and they are also built to last just like the rest of the condo.

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