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Best Cat Scratching Post That Works

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Cat on Scratching PostHave you been looking for a solution to the repeated scratching of your furniture, carpets, and personal effects? We know exactly how you feel and we have a solution for you.

Not only will we provide you with a place to buy the best cat scratching post to stop your cat from ruining the things you love. We will give you the reasons why they work and why they’re the best for your cat and won’t harm them.

Some of the most effective types of cat scratchers your cat will love are made out of sisal rope, carpet, corrugated cardboard, and other natural materials such as wood. Cats prefer these materials over others because they get the satisfaction they need when they sink their claws into it.

Most of the scratchers you will find are all made out of materials that are similar to these because they work and while there are many different styles they provide the same attraction and effectiveness. If you are looking for more information on how to choose the right one for your cat please feel free to keep reading.

If you would like to purchase a scratching post you may do so here as well by selecting the product you like provided through Amazon.com

Cat Scratching PostsMaterialPriceRating (1-5 Stars)
Wood Sisal Carpeted Scratching PostWood Sisal Carpeted Scratching PostSisal/Carpet/Corrugated Cardboard$$5
Molly and Friends Sisal Scratching PostMolly and Friends Sisal Scratching PostSisal$$4.8
PetFusion Cat Scratcher LoungePetFusion Cat Scratcher LoungeCorrugated Cardboard$$4.8
SmartCat Ultimate Scratching PostSmartCat Ultimate Scratching PostSisal$$4.6
SmartyKat SuperScratcherSmartyKat SuperScratcherCorrugated Cardboard$4.5
Lean-it Wide Scratching PostLean-it Wide Scratching PostCarpeted$4.4
Lean-it Scratching PostLean-it Scratching PostCarpeted$3.2

The Sisal Rope Cat Scratcher

The Sisal plant has certain fibers within it that when harvested can make various materials and products the most common being rope but it has also been used in dart boards and other objects.

Sisal rope is used on many cat scratchers because the rope creates a surface that is strong enough to allow a cat to stretch and strengthen their bodies and their claws while being soft enough to let them dig into it. This type of cat scratching material is also beneficial to your cat because it allows them to shed off broken or dead pieces of their claws which mean they won’t need to do this on your furniture.

As a natural material, Sisal is used because it creates a surface that cats love and one that’s not harmful to your cat so you don’t have to worry about it causing them harm. Sisal rope is also great because this material will allow your cat to get the satisfaction they need to fulfill their scratching desires.

sisal cat scratcher

The Carpeted Scratching Post

Along with the Sisal Rope Cat Scratcher the carpeted cat scratcher is another popular type among cats. Cats love this type of post because it’s soft enough for them to feel like they are digging into it while the underlying layer is strong enough to hold up under pressure.

Cat’s claws get the strength and exercise they need by pulling on the under layer of the carpeting and they stretch their claws and paws while doing this as well. The actual carpeting itself is great for catching the pieces of nail or broken slivers to allow the cats claws to shed. They get the satisfaction they need without clawing into the actual carpeting or other similar materials throughout your home.

Carpeted Cat Scratchers

The Corrugated Cardboard Scratching Post

Corrugated cardboard is a material made primarily out of paper and is used in most cardboard boxes. Cardboard boxes are not only great toys for cats but this material is also great for making places your cat can unleash their claws on. Corrugated cardboard is perfect for a cat to scratch on because they can scratch it up and dig into it with no ill effects on your furniture and best of all its cheap.

The cardboard cat scratcher can be easily replaced if it becomes overly damaged and at a low cost. Another great aspect of this type of scratcher is that most of them come with catnip to attract your cat to them.

Catnip will allow your cat to become comfortable and scratch on this post. It also will designate a place for them to do their scratching and they’ll want to return to it instead of elsewhere in your home like your furniture.

Corrugated Cardboard Cat Scratcher

Other Types of Scratching Posts

When you’re looking for a something your cat can scratch you’ll find a lot of different materials and styles available. Some of the best materials for these types of cat scratchers are listed above, however, the best thing to do when choosing one is to try them out and see what your cat prefers. After all this is about what the cat likes to scratch, not what we like.

You can find different fabrics available and the styles are not always in post form. Some of the different posts you can find are flat, on the ground scratchers, and some are those that can be leaned against a wall. You’ll even find most cat trees come with more than one place for your cat to sink their claws into like these. Overall you want to find the one that works best for you and your cat.

Is De-clawing A Cat A Good Option?

Now that we have given you a sample of the scratching posts that are best for your cat we will provide the reasons why. Many cat owners believe that a solution to unwanted clawing is to declaw your cat as opposed to getting rid of the cat; this could not be further from the truth. All cat owners know that cats have claws and nails and they are apt to scratch furniture well before they bring them into their home.

If you ask any veterinarian the dangers and procedures involved in declawing a cat they will tell you the truth. The truth is this is one of the most painful procedures you can put a cat through with long term effects on not only the cats body but their mindset and doing this can create other issues that were not present before the cat was declawed.

This is why it is very important to seek other alternatives that are safe and effective for your cat. We never want to see you or your cat in pain or threatened in any way and this is why we have provided you with the means to keep your cat’s best interests at heart. We also don’t want to see them lose a home because of their claws so we provided this resource to STOP that from happening and let you know some of the alternatives that actually work!

A cat’s claw is similar to the finger tip of a human and not just the finger nail. Cat’s claws and pads contain a pheromone that allows cats to mark their territory and find familiar places such as where it’s alright to scratch. De-clawing a cat can damage this pheromone gland and prevent them from recognizing familiar places.

Cats use their claws in nature for climbing, running, eating, and most importantly defense. If an indoor or outdoor cat were to ever get out and need to defend themselves they would not be able to do so without their claws, they would be defenseless and vulnerable. This is why we need to protect our cats by providing them the things they need so there is no need to put them through this suffering. Your cats will thank you with their love and affection.

In the process of finding the materials and places your cats like best to scratch you can try out all of the different types and styles and find the one that works for you and your cats. We do not claim that getting a scratching post will completely remove unwanted scratching but it has been proven to significantly reduce it.

The bottom line here is to find the one that is best for your cat and allows them to get satisfaction they need out of it. Good luck and most of all enjoy your cat!

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