Refined Feline Lotus Cat Tower Review

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Today, by our readers’ requests, we are reviewing the Refined Feline Lotus Cat Tower to bring to light what makes this tower so popular and why cats can’t get enough of it. Refined Feline started out in Englewood, NJ in … Read More

Petco Tree Terrace Review

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Petco is a company that creates high quality pet products for all types of pets. They do not stop at their cat trees by any means. The Petco Premium Tree Terrace is an example of their quality craftsmanship and cats … Read More

Go Pet Club F2040 Review

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GoPetClub has been making cat trees since 2003 and they are another great cat product provider that have been in the industry for quite some time. They make quality products and while some reviews online make negative claims about them … Read More

Armarkat B5301 Review

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Armarkat is a leader in the cat tree industry and they make their products with your cat’s well-being in mind. Their trees are made with quality materials that cats love and use and are safe for them. Another great aspect of … Read More

Toys Cats Like Best

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Every cat, large or small, young or old, loves cat toys. There are specific toys that all cats have to play with no matter the cat. Now, we know you are thinking what expensive complicated cat toy are you referring … Read More

Choosing The Best Cat Litter Mat!

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Many cat owners have litter boxes that work great. But having a litter box that works great does not mean that after your cat leaves the box all of the litter stays within it. This is where having a litter … Read More

Flea Treatments For Cats

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Everyone hates those critters that attempt to cause your cat distress. Even when you own an indoor cat pests are unfortunately one of those things your cat is not spared from getting. Depending on where you live and the time … Read More

Best Cat Food Storage

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Food Storage should not only be a priority for humans but also for our animals. This is important because most of us like to treat our cats like they were our own children. Now, would you feed your children something … Read More

Choosing The Best Cat Shampoo

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Some cats have had bad experiences with water and they remember this. If a cat has had a bad experience with bathing and water they may not like it very much when you attempt to give them a bath. The … Read More

How To Calm A Cat

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Does your cat get upset and stressed out by thunderstorms, traveling, loud noises, grooming, and being introduced to new people? Is there something that just makes your cat turn and flee when it is introduced into their comfort zone? If … Read More

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