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Armarkat B6802 Review

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We have always recommended the Armarkat B6802, so we felt the time had come for us to give it a review. Armarkat is a company that is well known for their quality cat trees and even more so for their affordable rates. The B6802 is just another testament to these facts and with it they give us another great tree for our cats to enjoy!

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The B6802 is a great all around place for your cats to play, rest, and just hang out. Armarkat knows what cats like and they have incorporated all of these elements into one tree.

You’ll find that your cat will have multiple landings to hang out on, places to dig into and scratch until their hearts are content, a condo for them to hide and sleep in, and towers if they are in the mood to get a better view of their surroundings or hang out above it all!

Armarkat B6802 Features and Design

As you’ll see shortly, there are a lot of features on this cat tree in particular that you and your cats will love, so it’s hard to narrow it down to just one really good feature. Overall the thing we’ve found that’s best about it is the design.

The B6802 is made for cats of all types (large or small) and it will give each cat type the things they need to feel at home. From towers to lower landings each feature of it is made to give every cat a place where they can get comfortable. The only cat that may feel left out would be the Cave Dweller but the condo should be a place they will like too!

Dimensions and Features

Overall Dimensions

This tree stands 68 inches high by 31 inches long and 25 inches wide. So while it’s pretty tall you can fit it into a smaller space in your home because the length and width won’t take up much space. If you can find a corner in your home that’s not being used then you’ve already found a space where it can fit and not look out of place.

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You also don’t only have to limit yourself to putting your new cat tower in a corner though, because while it’s tall, it’s very sturdy when it stands by itself. Your cats will be able to run and jump on it and climb all the way to the top without it falling over and injuring one of them.

We will offer a quick word of warning though. With any cat furniture it’s always best to keep it supported in some way in case you have a larger cat that might come barreling onto it or jump off it. We would hate to bring injury or harm to any cat and we always recommend you find a place where it will fit before you decide on a tree for your cat.

Base Dimensions

The base measures 22 inches long by 22 inches wide which is smaller than the overall dimension of the tree itself because some of the landings stick out over the base. There are 3 main landings for your cat to rest on or use as steps up to a higher level. This does not include the landing on the side of the condo, the top of the condo, and the two cat towers.

Cat Towers

Each of the two cat towers measure 14 inches long by 14 inches wide. One nice thing about these towers are the fact that they can hold a larger cat where many of the other trees we have seen only allow enough room for a smaller cat or kitten to enjoy them.

Cat Condo

For the dimensions of the cat condo located in the center, they are 14 inches square which means the condo’s length, width, and height are all 14 inches. This condo can also hold a larger or smaller cat which makes it nice too because, again, a lot of other cat trees are nice looking but they don’t have enough room for a full grown cat to fully enjoy it.

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Design and Materials

The B6802’s structure is made out of pressed wood. This type of wood is not solid but it’s a stronger wood and is a type of particle board. Now don’t go thinking this is the cheap stuff that you’re used to seeing, you know, the stuff that falls apart after a month. Armarkat makes their products with the good particle board that lasts much longer and is much stronger.


For the carpeting covering the structure, it’s made out of faux wool. Faux wool is a type of fake carpeting that cats enjoy and they actually prefer to scratch and sleep on this type of material. Every surface that is not covered in faux wool is covered with sisal rope that cats also love to scratch along with the faux wool.

Sisal Scratching Posts

Sisal rope is used to wrap each post on the tree that way your cats will have multiple places to scratch instead of your furniture. There is the equivalent of 10 full size scratching posts built into the frame of the tree for your cats to sink their claws into.

So you’re actually getting 2 in 1 bonus because not only do you get a great place for your cats to relax and enjoy but you get a place for them to do all of their scratching instead of them scratching up the items you hold dear.


One of the things we didn’t like too much about the B6802 is the toys that come with it that can be attached to the towers or landings. While they are great and our cats loved them they pull of pretty easily and can be hazardous to the cat if they eat the elastic string that they’re attached with.

While this is not a very big deal at all because you can always choose not to attach these toys to the tree we still felt like this should be included in the review. If we could pick one thing to change, it would be to attach the toys using a rope or a lanyard type string. Elastic string is not what we would have used.

Our recommendation would be to buy the tree but don’t attach the toys.

In Conclusion

Overall The Armarkat B6802 is a great cat tree that we would highly recommend. Even with the toys being a drawback you can always attach better toys or not use them at all. Our cats still love it and use it all the time. After all I don’t know many cats that don’t have a bunch of other toys scattered throughout their home. So all in all we highly recommend the B6802 and feel that any cat would love it.

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