Cats in a cat treeYou’re probably here because you want to find the best cat tree for your feline companion. We’re here to make that easy with a few suggestions that will get you on your way.

Finding the perfect tree for your cat can seem like a difficult task. After all, you wouldn’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on one with features made specifically for a tree dweller, when you could spend hundreds less and get the one that’s best for your cat and their specific needs.

Don’t worry, you’re in the right place! By now, you’ve probably noticed your cat’s different personality type and have seen them hanging out in high places, low places, or somewhere in the middle.

We have labeled these cat types as the following,

  • The Tree Dwelling Cat
  • The Bush Dwelling Cat
  • The Cave Dwelling Cat
  • The Every Type Cat  (all three combined)

With these cat types in mind you’ll be able to easily determine what the perfect tree is for your kitty.

Cat TreesSuggested Cat TypeMax. HeightMax. WidthLengthPrice
Armarkat B6802 Cat TowerTree Dweller Cat TreeTree Dwelling Cat68"25"31"$$
PetPal Jute Made Cat TreeCave DwellerBush Dwelling Cat39"15"22"$$
Cat Condo For Large CatsCat Condo For Large CatsCave Dwelling Cat34"20"20"$$$
Armarkat Beige Cat TowerEvery Cat Type Cat TreeEvery Type Cat74"26"50"$$$
Premium Carpeted Cat TowerPremium Carpeted Cat TreeTree Dwelling Cat71"27"20"$$$$
Majestic Pet Cat Jungle GymMajestic PetBush/Tree Dwelling Cat50"25"25"$$
Petco Premium Tree TerracePetco-Premium-Tree-TerraceEvery Type Cat59"36"29"$$
Refined Feline Lotus Cat TowerRefined Feline Lotus Cat TowerEvery Type Cat69"20"20"$$$$

Pricing on is as follows,
$ = under $50,  $$ = $50 – $100,  $$$ = $100 – $200,  $$$$ = $200+

Now we’ll go into further detail about each cat type to bring to light why all of this is important when you’re choosing a tree for your cat, one where they will be spending a lot of their time.

The Tree Dwelling Cat

Cat in tree with fire fighterThe most commonly thought of cat type is the tree dwelling cat. Tree dwellers are well known and depicted in magazines, movies, and television.

If you think about it we have all seen that poster, picture, or commercial where a cat is stuck in a tree and a fire fighter is attempting to rescue them.

Cats are known to seek out trees for stalking and hunting prey because it’s in their nature. Instincts like these date back approximately 10 to 15 million years to their big cat ancestors such as the cheetah or tiger.

Cats have reflexes that allow them to jump and land perfectly on their feet even from significant heights. It’s our need to have them back safely in our arms and homes that prompts the rescuing. Now there are some specific cases where they need rescuing from trees but it may not be for the reason we think!

The tree dweller loves heights and climbing. They are also more comfortable in high places with some cover, similar to a tree’s leaves. Trees for this type of cat are designed to have different features to accommodate heights and coverage. When you’re looking for the best one for your tree dweller you will want to make sure they have at least one high tower or multiple towers.

Each tower will have a cat bed or resting place, some will have multiple. A good feature to look for is a bed or resting place with a lip going around the outer edge of it. Not only is this going to provide your cat with the coverage they like but it also protects them from falling off of it while they sleep.

For the tree dwelling cat’s tree, you’ll want to make sure it has multiple height varying landings. Landings with various heights are great because most tree dwellers like the option of having different heights for them to perch on, similar to the branches of a tree. One specific reason for landings with various heights is to allow your cat to transfer landings when they feel like being higher up, lower to the ground, or somewhere in between.

For instance, you might notice your cat spending their time in high places like the top of your shelves and cabinets. You might also find them on top of the refrigerator or some other higher area of your house. These examples are the exact reason a tree with higher landings will be perfect for them. You can find a few examples of the trees a Tree Dwelling cat will like below.

Tree Dwellers Cat TreesSelect a picture to see pricing and reviews on

The Bush Dwelling Cat

Cat in bushesAnother well known cat type is the bush dweller. To give you an idea of what a bush dweller is you might think about the Discovery Channel. In the programs about cats on this channel, you’ll find the lion or cheetah stalking their prey through the leaves of a bush waiting for the perfect moment to strike. The example above is one of the best examples of the bush dwelling cat.

These cats are not just lucky there happened to be a bush nearby when their prey came along. The bush dweller chooses fairly low to the ground places to dwell because they’re covered and can be up and running in an instant without ever being seen.

Even in a home environment a bush dweller will find the places to rest where they’re covered somewhat but can be on the ground in a flash without a high leap or too much effort.

Bush Dwellers prefer medium height places and some coverage. An example where you might notice your cat as a bush dweller are those cats that like to rest on the arm of a couch, a bed corner, or tabletop.

You can even find bush dwellers in windows, behind curtains, and on top of coffee tables or counter tops. While these places don’t provide much cover they’re the perfect height for them and it’s easy to reach the ground.

Give your bush dweller a proper place to spend their time instead of the places you don’t want them to. Some examples that bush dwellers will love can be found below.

Bush Dwelling Cat TreesSelect a picture to see pricing and reviews on

The Cave Dwelling Cat

Cave dwellerThe cave dweller is one of the cat types that many people may not be aware of. Until recently this cat type was not thought about or was grouped in with the bush dweller when in fact those two cat types have very different needs.

The cave dweller now has some presence in the world and is finally being recognized as a cat type, which means, companies are producing products for them to enjoy too, along with the other cat types.

Some good examples of cave dwellers are cats that typically spend a lot of their time hiding out under beds, in closets, and always trying to get into cabinets. If your cat is spending most of their time close to the ground and under things, chances are they may be a cave dweller.

Cave dwelling cats prefer places that are low to the ground. They like darker enclosed spaces and prefer to be somewhat hidden. Being a cave dweller is not a bad thing by any means it just means they prefer some privacy. If you never see your cat because they’re always hiding here are a few suggestions that’ll have them out of hiding in no time.

By providing a cave dweller with the right tree for their cat type you’ll give them a place to go when they want to be in a cave like environment such as a cat condo. By positioning it in a place where you can be with them more often, not only will you find that your cat is around more often, but you’ll also find that you are able to be there for your cat and enjoy their company.

Your cat will appreciate you giving them their very own place in their home where they can hide and dwell. It’ll also show them you know what they like and will help you both build a stronger bond that makes them feel more comfortable around you. In turn they will trust your decisions. Some good examples for cave dwellers are shown below.

Cave Dwelling Cat TreesSelect a picture to see pricing and reviews on

The Every Type Cat

As we have said before there is no such thing as a “cookie cutter” cat or cat type. All cats are different and may even exhibit some qualities of all of the cat types we have mentioned. This is what we like to call the every type cat.

Another thing to consider is that some cats may even have two cat types mixed together. The best thing to do in these cases is to watch your cat and determine which two cat types they are showing most of the qualities of. That way, you can get them one that suits them best, and one that they’ll use no matter what cat type they are.

Some examples of the every type cat can’t all be listed here. The reason they can’t all be listed here is because they’re every type of cat which is a huge variety of examples to list.

Some things you may find in the every type cat are things such as your cat resting in high and low places, light and dark places, covered areas, and areas with not much coverage. This cat type will rest, play, and dwell just about anywhere. They can be outgoing at times and isolated at others.

The ideal tree for this type of cat is one that has all of the features and qualities for every cat type. A tree that has high towers and low landings or resting areas with medium height landings and covered areas for them to rest are great. On the other hand, this tree will also need to have open areas for them to relax as well.

Some examples for the every type cat are those at the very top of the page as well as the examples shown below.

Every Type Cat TreeSelect a picture to see pricing and reviews on

Now It’s Your Turn!

Cat types are very easy to determine and it’s done by watching your cat, watching what they do, and watching how they do it. You can find out what type of cat they are just by simply understanding them and what they prefer to do.

While living with your cat we know that people love to watch their cats. We tend to watch how they play, eat, and sleep among other things. Generally we even know where they love a good scratch or petting. If you find your cat liking some things and not others you will want to move toward the things that they like and avoid those they don’t.

Cats communicate with us through their actions and we can all learn a lot about our cats by how they act and what they like and prefer. Just as we have our favorite spot on the couch, our cats can have a favorite spot of their own too! Provide your cat with a comfort zone suitable for them by using their distinguished cat type.

Our Mission and Experience…

Our mission is to provide you with the best experience possible so that you and your cats can enjoy yourselves in the comfort of your home. We have put together a place where you can locate all of the best products for your cats that will enhance their lives and yours, so you may enjoy your cats and so they can enjoy you.

We always have your cat’s best interests at heart and offer you our experience as cat owners with products they love and enjoy instead of products companies want you to buy promising they will work.

Some of the products we feature are placed here because they have been used with our own cats and they are the safest and most effective. No longer do you have to browse thousands of places that just stuff product after product in your face without giving you experience that they actually work.

We have cats that we love just like you love your own and want only the best for them. Overall enjoy your time here and leave with something you can trust in to make you and your loved ones lives that much better.

We don’t claim to be experts on cats; however, we do know cats and their cat types very well. After all there is no cookie cutter cat that can be placed into a category with the rest because they are all unique with their own personalities.

There is however one thing we do expect from you and that’s for you not to take any words on a screen as true. We want you to use the products for yourself and find out what the best cat tree or cat products are for you and the special cat or cats in your life. There is no “one fits all” for cats and you should find a balance that you’ll both love the same. Check us out on Google +

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